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Dugdale, William, Sir, 1605-1686: Monasticon Anglicanum

June 25, 2011

London : James Bohn, 1846 (Vol. 1 has 1849)

New edition

Volumes: 1-8 of 8

Bookplates: Faculty of Modern History (Vols. 1-3 and 6pt.1); HFL (Vols. 4, 5, 6pt.2 and 8)

Stamps: HFL, trace of Faculty of Modern History in Vols. 2-4

Stickers: Period Bookbinders in Vols. 6pt.2 and 8

Annotations: Vol. 1: (f1v) S. Roberts Esq. on loan to the […] library, 8 vols, 8 vols 1846-9 £16/16/-, other short words and figures

Vol. 3: (inside front cover) C.C.S.8. [or C.C.5.8.?]

HFL shelfmark: ZB 552

Note: ed. John Caley, Sir Henry Ellis, Rev. Bulkeley Bandinel

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