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Lyndwood, William, 1375?-1446, ed.: Provinciale, (seu constitutiones Angliæ)

June 25, 2011

Oxford : Excudebat H. Hall…Impensis Ric. Davis, 1679

Huic editioni nunc primùm accesserunt Constitutiones provinciales antedictorum Archiepiscoporum, & aliorum, sine glossematis in ordinem digestæ . Omnia ab innumeris, quibus undique scatebant, erroribus atque mendis purgata ac restituta..

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL

Annotations: (f1r) £6.10.0; (title page) Will. Roberts L.L.D, 1925, Antho. Carroll, another mark/abbreviation; (on label pasted to verso of title page) Re[…] 170 651 (upside down) 15.

HFL shelfmark: ZB 310

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