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Oldys, William, 1696-1761: The Harleian miscellany

June 25, 2011

London : printed for T. Osborne, 1744-1746

Volumes: 2-8 of 8

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL, Keighley Institute, Milligan Collection, 1897

Annotations: Vol. 2: (p. 612) initials W and ?C, and ?61B

Vol. 3: (p. 556) initial E

Vol. 4: (p. 572) initial A

Vol. 6: (p. 584) initial A

Vol. 7: (p. 608) initial E, W or M erased, and 61B

Vol. 8: (p. 164 of Catalogue) initial E, M erased, and 61B; (p. 612) initial M and 61B

HFL shelfmark: B 729

Condition: Vol. 5 seems to be missing final page(s) of index – ends p.574

Note: Vol. 8 includes A copious and exact catalogue of pamphlets in the Harleian Library.  pp. 279-288 (reprint of Bethel: The world’s mistake in Oliver Cromwell) have been rebound separately.

Other authority: compiler Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford

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