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Prynne, William, 1600-1669: The history of King John, King Henry III. and the most illustrious King Edward the I

June 25, 2011

London : Printed by Tho. Ratcliff, and Tho. Daniel, for Philip Chetwind…; Nathaniel Brook…; and Edward Thomas, 1670

Bookplates: Faculty of Modern History; Marbury Library, Book Case 1 No. 264; Marbury Hall, Arthur Hugh Smith Barry, Case 26 Shelf G (numbers in italics are handwritten)

Stamps: HFL, Faculty of Modern History; watermark coat of arms on f1 and final 2 pages

Annotations: (on Faculty of Modern history plate) 1/iii/37; (title page) illegible name (looks like Pwyll Crattordz), 9. ?Aug. 1671, .21s.6d. prici; pages before main section numbered by hand; many underlinings and notes in same hand as name on title page; lists of page references on final pages after index

HFL shelfmark: ZB 510

Found inside: (pp. 944-5) 2 slips of paper, one pasted, one loose, with 1-3 lines of cursive writing; at a tentative guess, they are in the same hand as each other but not as the annotator

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