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Great Britain: Miscellaneous state papers. From 1501 to 1726

July 12, 2011

London : W. Strahan and T. Cadell, 1778

Volumes: 1-2 of 2

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL

Annotations: Vol. 1: (inside front cover) numbers ; (f1r) possible word/name erased

HFL shelfmark: B 614

Other authorities: ed. Philip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke

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England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons: Journals of the House of Commons

July 11, 2011

[London] : Re-printed by order of the House of Commons, 1803

Volumes: 3-4

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL; (Vol. 3 only) University College, Hull

Annotations: Vol. 3: (p.1) XB 402 (old HFL shelfmark), M5228, Vol. 3, JK[…] (erased)

HFL shelfmark: ZB 402

Note: acquired by the HFL from different sources.  Vol. 3: Hull University Library, Vol. 4: A[…] University Library

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Angoulême, Marie-Thérèse Charlotte, duchesse d’, 1778-1851: Mémoires particuliers

June 25, 2011

Paris and London : Chez Colburn; Imprimé par Schulze et Dean, 1817

3rd edition

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL

Annotations: (inside front cover) 1353 in CSBB’s hand, 3/; (f2r) EX LIBRIS C.S.B. Buckland de Archivo Publico Londini d. 18 februarii A.D. 1925; (final page verso) 1-

HFL shelfmark: F 827

Bound with Louis XVIII: Relation d’un voyage à Bruxelles et à Coblentz

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Paine, Thomas 1737-1809: Common sense

June 25, 2011

London : J. Ridgway, 1792

A New Edition, with several additions in the body of the work.  To which is added, an Appendix; together with an Address to the people called Quakers.

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL, Rhodes House Library, 23 Mar 1937

Annotations: (inside front cover) erased note; (plate page) 2 vols in 1 5/-; Rhodes House Library shelfmark

HFL shelfmark: U 207

Note: bound with Paine: Letter addressed to the addressers

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Oldys, William, 1696-1761: The Harleian miscellany

June 25, 2011

London : printed for T. Osborne, 1744-1746

Volumes: 2-8 of 8

Bookplates: HFL

Stamps: HFL, Keighley Institute, Milligan Collection, 1897

Annotations: Vol. 2: (p. 612) initials W and ?C, and ?61B

Vol. 3: (p. 556) initial E

Vol. 4: (p. 572) initial A

Vol. 6: (p. 584) initial A

Vol. 7: (p. 608) initial E, W or M erased, and 61B

Vol. 8: (p. 164 of Catalogue) initial E, M erased, and 61B; (p. 612) initial M and 61B

HFL shelfmark: B 729

Condition: Vol. 5 seems to be missing final page(s) of index – ends p.574

Note: Vol. 8 includes A copious and exact catalogue of pamphlets in the Harleian Library.  pp. 279-288 (reprint of Bethel: The world’s mistake in Oliver Cromwell) have been rebound separately.

Other authority: compiler Edward Harley, Earl of Oxford

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Fulman, William, 1632-1688, ed.: Rerum anglicarum scriptorum veterum Tom. I.

June 25, 2011

Oxford : E theatro sheldoniano, 1684

Volume 1 of Rerum anglicarum scriptorum veterum.  See also Vol. 2 and Vol. 3

Bookplates: HFL; (f1v) remains of plate beginning Genl. […]

Stamps: HFL

Annotations: (inside front cover) i/; (f1r) 4/6 erased, F.7.9; (f1v) Gale & Fell […] (erased), 371.; half-page bound in after index, with list of page references (in Latin)

HFL shelfmark: ZB 510

Note: See also Vol. 2 and Vol. 3 of Rerum anglicarum scriptorum veterum

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Gudenus, Valentinus Ferdinandus de: Codex diplomaticus exhibens anecdota

June 25, 2011

Volumes: 1-4 of 5

Vol. 1: Göttingen : Sumptu regiae officinae librar. academ., 1743

Vol. 2: Frankfurt and Leipzig : B. W. L. Springii Hæredes et Jo. Gottl. Garbe, 1747

Vols. 3-4: Frankfurt and Leipzig : Typuis Ioan. Christoph. Stoehr, 1751-1758

Bookplates: Faculty of Modern History; The Queen’s College, Oxford, Munificentia Robert Mason S.T.P. (possibly covering older plate)

Stamps: HFL; Faculty of Modern History; The Queen’s College, Oxford; Cancelled from the library, Queen’s College, Oxford

Annotations: all Vols: (inside front cover) Queen’s College Library shelfmark, other numbers

Vol. 1: (inside front cover) word (name?) partly coverd by plate, and 4 vol.

HFL shelfmark: G 510

Found inside: Vol. 1:  (inside front cover) remains of a red ?wax seal

Vol. 3: (pp.670-1): title page and p.2 of Michael G. Bojadschi, Kurzgefaßte Neugriechische Sprachlehre, Vienna, 1823.

Note: title pages in black and red.  Inside front covers have the remains of a pasted printed page.

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